UES man agrees on $2K fine for lighting up

February 24, 2011 02:33PM

501 East 79th Street and Harry Lysons (building photo source: PropertyShark)

A cigar-loving resident of an Upper East Side apartment building has agreed to pay a $2,000 fine each time he smokes a cigar in his home, according to the New York Post, as part of a settlement on a million-dollar suit brought forward by his neighbors at 501 East 79th Street on the corner of York Avenue. Harry Lysons says he’ll find somewhere else to enjoy his stogies, having resolved the year-long legal battle with his neighbors, the Poses. The smoke-averse family says that the second-hand smoke from his habit was giving the young Poses — aged six and three — breathing problems and ear infections. Lysons had previously balked at the Poses’ arguments, calling them “absolutely unreasonable.” But his attorney, Jeffrey Marcus, said Lysons is happy to adhere to the stipulations of the agreement. “They could have put a million-dollar fine and it would have been fine with us, because my client won’t be smoking any cigars in the apartment,” Marcus said. [Post]