Cuomo says rent-regulation is too complex to pass now, new home sales hit record lows in US … and more

March 23, 2011 05:18PM

1. New home sales in the US drop to record lows in February

2. Bloomberg extends deadline for 50,000-plus square-foot buildings to benchmark energy and water

3. Demand for architect and design services rises slightly

4. Tucson shooting victim born on Sept. 11, 2001 will have a piece of WTC in her memorial

5. A West Side Neighborhood Alliance committee member states the case for rent stabilization
[Downtown Express]

6 Meanwhile, Cuomo says rent-regulation and property tax changes “are too complex” to finalize by April 1 budget submission

7. Lehman purchases $1.5B worth of note for $957M from its German affiliate
[Automated Trader]

8. Vornado must act soon if it wants to use $700M it raised to build a tower over the Port Authority

9. Elliman’s Faith Hope Consolo and Joseph Aquino broker a deal to bring Italian designer Piero Guidi to 430 West Broadway, adjacent to Dolce & Gabbana

10. Regulations limiting mortgage brokers’ compensation are effective April 1 and that could push out smaller brokers
[Daily Finance]

11. Trump is confident he can beat Obama in presidential election

12. Pressure mounts for Garment District development at yesterday’s community board meeting

13. Massey Knakal lists a $25M, 10,700-square-foot UES Mansion with an elevator and pool