Corrections and clarifications

April 06, 2011 10:26AM

Correction: In a Web item, The Real Deal said Bid on the City’s new Miami site would allow online bidding, when in fact bidders can only make offers online. The item also mistakenly attributed information to an auctioneer spokesperson and failed to include information about which types of properties would be available on the website.

Correction: In an April 4 web item, The Real Deal incorrectly said the Arias Park Slope lacks retail space, when in fact, the ground floor has 6,000 square feet of retail space, according to a spokesperson for the developers.

Correction: In the headline in an April 6 Web story, The Real Deal incorrectly cited the price of debt on a Madison Square Park area condo project as $32 million, but the price is actually $20 million. The debt is $32 million.

Correction: In an April 7, 2011 story on the website, The Real Deal stated that Ric Swezey, now a broker at Town, was formerly the fourth-ranked broker at the Corcoran Group. He was actually the fourth-ranked out of Corcoran’s Manhattan agents in April 2008.

Clarification: In an April 8 Web story, The Real Deal did not point out that 1055 Park Avenue is also a newly constructed building nearby 949 Park Avenue.

Correction: In an April 12 Web item, The Real Deal incorrectly stated that the Redbury hotel was opening a location in South Beach, Fla.

Clarification: In an April 13 Web item, The Real Deal cited a Crain’s article stating that a hearing on Related’s Walmart site was sponsored by the city’s Department of Housing Preservation & Development. It wasn’t and Crain’s later corrected its article.

Clarification: In an April 14 Web story, The Real Deal referred to the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces’ Real Estate Division as a five-year-old organization. The division itself was founded in 2006, but FIDF is a 30-year-old organization.

Correction: In an April 19 Web story, The Real Deal suggested that was still marketing Keap Street Lofts, when in fact it had ceased marketing the project in January 2010, and said it had all the units in contract.

Clarification: In an April 20 Web story, The Real Deal stated that Allied Caribbean had signed a lease at Flagler Station Business Park. The company did sign a lease at Flagler Station, but specifically in Medley Distribution Center, which is located within the park.

Clarification: In an April 27 Web story, The Real Deal said the Continental had valet parking as per a Citi Habitats press release, but the firm later clarified that it has a valet on site, and on-site parking.

Correction: In an April 28 Web story The Real Deal said rentals at 40 Gold Street would hit the market on the wrong date. The rental units open on June 1.

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