Garment District hopes to bring in nightlife

April 27, 2011 11:42AM

In an effort to bolster the Garment District from an area run by workday commuters into a 24-hour destination, the local business improvement district mailed a letter to major operators last week to sell them on developing the area. DNAinfo reported that the BID called attention to the 91,000 employees and concentrated public transit in the area, as well as nearby attractions Times Square and Herald Square. Locals want more activity in the area. “There’s no destination dining in this neighborhood. There’s really no
destination anything,” said Barbara Randall, president of the Fashion
Center BID. “The neighborhood has always
closed at night.” But that could be coming soon, as Paul Seres has spent two years planning an 8,000-square-foot, three-floor venue on the top floors of 530 Seventh Avenue called Patua. The BID hopes that attractions like these will, in turn, benefit the local businesses, especially in the struggling garment manufacturing industry. Considering the low concentration of residents and abundance of space prime for development, DNAinfo also suggested the area could be ideal for a nightlife destination resembling the Meatpacking District’s current configuration. [DNAinfo]

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