Judge forces couple to sell split brownstone

April 28, 2011 03:20PM

Simon and Chana Taub went from owning an entire Borough Park three-story brownstone, to half of that three-story brownstone, and finally to no brownstone at all. The Daily News reported that a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge ruled that the long-feuding couple, who split their home with a Sheetrock divider in 2007, must sell the property and split the profits evenly, finally ending their dispute over the home. The brownstone was split because both parties refused to move out, and the pair have combined to spend more on attorney and litigation fees than the home is worth, and nearly had to foreclose on the property. Their disputes waged on in the court room again this time, and the judge on the case wrote that the “trial testimony was confused and muddled” and that “claims on both sides were unsubstantiated.” While Chana was angry with the ruling and vowed that it would not be final, Simon, who owns three other Brooklyn buildings, was “very happy” with the decision. [NYDN]

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