Christie’s Xanadu subsidies add to mounting NJ concerns …  and more

April 29, 2011 05:14PM

1. NJ policymakers concerned over the ramifications of Christie’s Xanadu and Panasonic subsidies

2. Pocket listings, or homes for sale without being formally listed, are making a comeback [NYT]
3. Even UES doorman buildings aren’t safe from thieves if residents leave their doors unlocked


Q & A with the president of J.D. Carlisle Development [NYT]

5. Former SI Rep. Guy Molinari says Trump is an S.O.B.

6. Speaking of Trump and cursing, check out how the AP and Reuters reported The Donald’s “tirade of profanity” in Vegas this week [Poynter]
7. Developers of Downtown Brooklyn condo deny a report that they were taken to court over unfinished punchlist items

8. UWS is quickly catching up to Union Square area in number of yoga studios

9. US Department of State wants overseas embassy buildings to be better designed, LEED certified
[Media Bistro]

10. Lincoln Square lawn is scheduled to open May 11

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