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Ratner seeking $100M for Atlantic Yards tower, student housing developments gain respect … and more

June 01, 2011 05:14PM

1. Ratner seeking $100M for tower at Atlantic Yards

2. Student housing developments gain respect

3. Home clearance sale a sign of desperate sellers?

4. Sleeping under the stars at two New York hotels

5. Famed Hell’s Kitchen mural to get a facelift

6. New owner for Brooklyn Heights cinema revealed

7. MTA adapts disguise for its fake village townhouse

8. East Village historic area may include birthplace of drag queens

9. First condo units at 41 Bond hit the market for $5M and up

10. Mortgage ownership miscues put foreclosures at risk

11. DOB permits filed in April for proposed new Harlem building at 240 Manhattan Avenue
[Harlem + Bespoke]

12. New face at REIT promts surge in stocks

13. Bruce Ratner to co-chair Bill de Blasio fundraiser?
[Atlantic Yards Report]

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