Eco-architects develop prototype for Brooklyn Navy Yards

August 25, 2011 12:56PM

Urban design firm Terreform One has a radical plan for the Brooklyn Navy Yards that fits perfectly with Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s vision for a tech-heavy New York, but the firm won’t bother bidding to redevelop the site, the Brooklyn Daily reported.

The eco-architectural firm’s 12-by-8-foot prototype shows one large building with a roof made of mushrooms that slants further and further down until it becomes part of a “Super Dock” consisting of five docks. One would house three-dimensional printers that spew out entire fleets for the river, another would be a testing ground for scientists and another would produce electric scooters and solar panels.

“This is a large, heavy manufacturing site,” said Terreform One architect Maria Aiolova. “We want to preserve it, but bring in startups to share resources and experiment with new technologies.”

While the plan jives with Bloomberg’s aspirations to land a high-profile engineering campus and create a bustling tech scene in New York, the firm said it won’t bid because its plans revolve more around the academic research, and the responses the plans elicit, than they do practical application.

For now, the city can hang its hat on an increased food manufacturing presence at the Navy Yard, highlighted by Kings County Distillery’s lease at the Paymaster Building, reported earlier this week. [Brooklyn Daily]