Deputy Mayor Steel insists he lives in NYC, not Greenwich

September 21, 2011 01:36PM

Deputy Mayor Robert Steel

Deputy Mayor Robert Steel, who is in charge of economic development, appears to be living most of the time in
Greenwich, Conn., even though New York City law requires that top officials
reside in the city, the New York Daily News reported.

When the Daily News visited his Greenwich mansion last Sunday
afternoon, his wife initially told a reporter Steel wasn’t home
because he was “in New York,” before he pulled up moments later. He
insisted angrily he was just visiting Connecticut. “I can’t remember
the last time I was here on a weekday,” he said.

Steel, a former Wachovia executive, is not one of 32 officials who have received a waiver to live
outside the city, and he never requested one. He had 90 days to move
into the city after he became deputy mayor for economic development
in August 2010. He began renting a four-bedroom luxury apartment
on Ninth Avenue in Chelsea in September 2010.

But other city records put him in Connecticut. Since before he took
his position, he had been living in a five-bedroom, five-bath,
7,438-square-foot manor that he and his wife bought for $5.7 million
in 1994, records show. His luxury cars are registered in Connecticut,
and he has listed Connecticut on campaign contributions. While he did
register to vote in September 2010, he did not update his driver’s
license address to a New York address until this past May.
He also has his dogs registered in Connecticut, and he said that’s
where they live. “Why would I bring my dogs to New York?” he asked
repeatedly. [NYDN]