Frustrated Jakobson tenants rant about landlord on Twitter

November 14, 2011 12:32PM

Some frustrated East Village residents have started a Twitter feed to complain publically about their landlord Jakobson Properties, the New York Post reported, saying the company has failed to address problems at its 15 buildings, including leaky pipes and rats, despite various complaints.

“I’ve talked to so many people, and everybody is complaining about things,” said “John,” an anonymous tech industry professional and the first to tweet. John maintains the Twitter account @Jakobson_fix_it.

“You meet Jakobson [before you sign a lease], and he’s such a sweet guy,” John said. “He meets every one of his tenants and he literally says, ‘We’ll take care of you,’ and that’s the opposite of the truth. The problem is that a lot of the tenants are students, and Jakobson takes advantage of them. They’re just happy to have an affordable place in New York, and they’re only there for a year.”

John has been trying to spread the word about the feed by posting notices around Jakobsen’s buildings, the Post said. The staff tear the posters down, he said.

Jakobson’s management said the tenants have not gone through proper channels to complain.

“If you leave a message they will rush to get there,” said Holly Alexander, a consultant hired by Jakobson this year. [Post]