Malinsky charges dropped because he lacked criminal intent

December 02, 2011 09:50AM

An explanation has finally emerged to explain why federal prosecutors suddenly dropped bribery charges against developer Aaron Malinsky 10 days ago, in connection with State Sen. Carl Kruger’s corruption case, the New York Times reported.

Prosecutors conducted a thorough investigation into charges that Malinsky paid $472,000 in bribes in exchange for Kruger’s approval of his projects, according to court papers, but “there were serious questions” surrounding his guilt, according to prosecutors.

After voluntarily interviewing with the government, Malinsky showed that he had no intent of engaging in criminal conduct. But prosecutors don’t believe their case against Kruger or other defendants is any weaker, with Malinsky there was simply little evidence of intent.

As The Real Deal previously reported, Malinsky needs to complete six months of good behavior as part of the agreement. But Malinsky and his firm, PA Associates, have already incurred significant financial consequences as a result of the charges, as PA was removed from the City Point development project in Downtown Brooklyn among others. [NYT]