ABC anchor battles contractor over $100,000 in Westchester home renovations

February 20, 2012 01:00PM

ABC “Eyewitness News” anchor Liz Cho is engaging in a legal battle over $100,000 worth of renovations at the $2.2 million Yonkers mansion she purchased with her husband last spring. According to the New York Post, Yonkers contractor Cathal Maguire filed a lawsuit last month claiming he’s owed $100,875 from the $430,875 in upgrades he made to the home. Cho and her husband, Evan Gottlieb, countersued weeks later alleging Maguire performed substandard work that will cost more than $300,000 to fix.

But Maguire’s lawyer, John Murtagh, questions those claims.

“If [Cho and Gottlieb] truly had such a laundry list of problems with the work, then why did they wait so many months to complain?” Murtagh said. “This is classic example of people trying to get out of paying for work they contracted.”

Cho and Gottlieb’s lawyer responded with two explanations: the couple reached a verbal agreement with Maguire that the cost wouldn’t exceed $343,000, and they didn’t realize the extent of the bad work until they hired another contractor to complete the upgrade. [Post]