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Michael Lorber tweets “Love Broker” for help

Elliman agent and "Million Dollar Listing New York" co-star has "tough time" finding love
By Zachary Kussin | March 16, 2012 06:00PM

It was one single 12-character tweet from Michael Lorber, broker at Prudential Douglas Elliman and co-star of Bravo’s new spin-off series “Million Dollar Listing New York,” that seemed to say it all in reference to his dating life:

Lori Zaslow, co-founder of matchmaking service Project Soulmate and co-star of Bravo’s “The Love Broker,” replied:

When contacted by The Real Deal yesterday, Lorber reiterated, “I need her help!” but added that he wouldn’t go on the TV show because it was too personal for a national audience.

Today he reaffirmed he needs help brokering in the love department, but said the tweet was more of a joke.

“I always have a tough time with it,” he said.

On this Wednesday’s night’s episode, Bravo contrasts Lorber’s awkward date at Cipriani that his father, Howard Lorber, had set up with an Elliman employee, with co-star Ryan Serhant’s date at Tbar Steak & Lounge with a woman whose name he couldn’t seem to remember (see video clip above). As opposed to Serhant’s date, which he commands with easy conversation before whisking the woman to his home to see his snake (pet snake, obviously), Lorber can be seen picking at his veneers. After Lorber’s date refills his empty water glass and questions his decision to pull out his credit card before the bill arrives at the table, she tells him that it was “so nice to catch up.” Lorber replied, “I’m always down for experiencing something new. As long as I’m in bed by, like, 10 o’clock.”

Outside of the confines of the show, which first premiered two Wednesday nights ago, he told The Real Deal that he doesn’t even have the time for Zaslow’s private consultations because he’s bouncing all over the country for work, sometimes traveling as far away as Latin America and the Caribbean.

“I’m not looking for anyone right now,” he said. “I rarely, rarely spend a weekend in Manhattan.”

Zaslow, who said that Lorber didn’t reach out to her beyond the tweet, told The Real Deal that a guy like Lorber could become more confident in no time. All he has to do is face his fears and invest both time and energy into breaking into the dating scene.

Generally, she said, she works with clients to analyze nerves in other aspects of their lives to see how they affect the dates they go on. She wouldn’t indicate the price for her services, and nor would her business partner, Jennifer Zucher, a principal at The Upper East Side Boutique Firm Plaza Real Estate Group.

“The more you date, the more you’re confident, the more you’re comfortable in your own skin,” Zaslow said. “I have faith in him; he’s very confident in many areas, like what he does for a living.”

Serhant and other “Million Dollar Listing New York” co-star Fredrik Eklund declined to comment on whether they think Lorber needs dating help.

As for Lorber, he sees his ideal woman-slash-future wife as someone who can be patient with his hectic schedule and even accompany him on business trips from time to time.

“She would have to understand,” he said.

  • 3CPO

    There are reasons well beyond shyness for this

  • OftMarket

    REALLY, TRD? This is real estate news? Why don’t you post the Knicks score while you’re at it… I actually saw this segment on this resi broker. He will realize that he is gay soon enough.

  • Scrooged

    Love that Kasey, Kelly, Kailey girl. Classic New York City trainer/hooker.

  • 3CPO

    Michael’s father Howard always is referred to a billionaire….has anyone ever seen him on any list of billionaires?
    Certainly not recognized by Forbes…..should start referring to him as the millionaire Howard Lorber…like Thurston Howell III

    • fmebabson

      billionaire..hundred millionaire, who cares, they are still loaded….from other “listed” billionaires I know, the Lorbers live better, so I believe they are in the billion club for sure….yacht..check…fisher island pad…check…hampton pad..check…..manhattan pads…check…helicopter..check….jet..check…vector group….liggett tobaco..nathans hot dogs…western union (may have since been sold)….etc….etc..