Judge says Brookfield has right to close down Zuccotti Park, how international NYC condo investors will impact New Yorkers … and more

April 09, 2012 08:00AM

1. Will all the foreign real estate investment in the city make it impossible for New Yorkers to afford Manhattan? [NYT]
2. Owners of salad bar Chop’t sign leases for three new stores, plan more NYC expansion [WSJ, 1st item]
3. East Hampton Village beach parking passes sell out thanks to celebrity interest [Post]
4. Judge protects Brookfield’s right to close down Zuccotti Park [NYT]
5. Queens homeowner can’t evict Section 8 tenant whom she hasn’t recieved rent from in 13 months [Post]
6. Bronx and Brooklyn residents push for UES waste transfer station to ease their own burden in city’s trash collection [NYDN]
7. Shopping center occupancy increases nationwide on flat rents [Bloomberg]
8. French retailer Cotelac pays $300-plus per square foot to replace beloved UES bookstore [WSJ, 2nd item]
9. Fire in Staten Island residential buildings injures three firefighters [Post]
10. Star chefs to open pastry shop in Park Slope in July [Brooklyn Paper]
11. Gastropub restaurateurs Penrose Group to open UES location [Post, 2nd item]
12. Williamsburg community board mocks Manhattan nightclub owner planning to build club it opposes [Brooklyn Paper]
13. Investors are coveting multi-family apartment loans backed by Fannie and Freddie [Bloomberg]
14. There’s not much turnaround among Middle Village, Queens property owners [WSJ]
15. Cornell solicits input from Roosevelt Island residents in advance of new tech campus construction [DNAinfo]