Rosen’s Russian partner has controversial ties to Iranian nuclear threat

April 09, 2012 01:30PM

Only billion dollar New York real estate deals can bring together parties on opposite sides of an international nuclear battle. The New York Post reported that Jack Rosen’s new real estate investment partner, Mikhail Fridman, is suspected of funding the construction of Iran’s nuclear power plant through Alfa Bank, which he owns. Meanwhile, the Rosen Partners founder is head of both the American Jewish Congress and the Council of World’s Jewry.

Nevertheless, Rosen and Fridman have formed a $1 billion partnership to fund real estate transactions, and are currently contemplating investments in the condominium project at 56 Pine Street in Lower Manhattan, a townhouse development in New Jersey and other projects along the east coast of the United States.

When the Post questioned him about the partnership, Rosen said he hadn’t been aware of the connection and Fridman hadn’t informed him. But Rosen confronted Fridman afterwards and said he was satisfied with the explanation that Fridman wasn’t directly or knowingly involved.

Alfa Bank was one of several investors to provide financing to a Russian state-owned nuclear vendor that aids projects throughout Asia, including the one in Iran, according to the Post. [Post]