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Town scores top Warburg broker, 2 Bond agents

By Zachary Kussin | April 17, 2012 02:30PM

A top broker from Warburg and two agents from Bond New York have moved to Town Residential in recent weeks, continuing the trend of real estate professionals leaving their firms to work for Town, The Real Deal has learned. Judi Lederer, who was recognized by Warburg two years in a row as one of the highest earners in the 969 Madison Avenue office, moved to Town as a senior vice president last week.

Lederer is working out of the 110 Fifth Avenue Town office. According to The Real Deal’s top residential agents of the week charts last summer, the Warburg senior managing director had two sales over $10 million at Two Fifth Avenue properties.

Lederer said that she made the move to Andrew Heiberger’s firm to mix it up.

“I wanted a change, because change is good in life,” she said, “and Town sounded very exciting… Town is a young, new exciting place.”

Warburg was not immediately available for comment.

In addition, two agents from Bond, Jodi Rothman and Shelley Liao, made the move together to Town three weeks ago.

Rothman was at Bond for five years. In February, she helped score a $16,500 per month rental apartment for Knicks point guard, Baron Davis, at the MiMA complex in the Times Square area. Rothman worked with Liao for six months during their time at Bond and attribute their move together to Town  to their good rapport.

“Town had what I needed to move my business forward, and I felt they had the support and would help me build my business,” Rothman said. The duo is working out of Town’s Astor Place office.

Liao said she moved not only to work more with Rothman, but also for Town’s support staff. “It was not a hard decision to move over,” she said.

Bond was not immediately available for comment.

Matthew VanDamm, director of operations for Town, said the three “come with a tremendous amount of experience and we’re excited to have them on board.”

As The Real Deal has previously reported, there have been a number of moves to Town from other brokerages in past months. In early March, Ari LeFauve and Lyon Porter, two of MNS’ most highly-ranked resale brokers, joined Town. In February, three senior vice presidents from Prudential Douglas Elliman made the move to Town.

  • Christine

    Town is a great company, like the Vibe- heiberger knows what he is doing!

  • Scrooged

    There are people that make a long lasting name for themselves in this town (no pun). People like Barbara Corcoran, Donald Trump and I have no doubt that Andrew Heiberger is going to be a part of that list. He is an American (real estate) hero.

  • 3CPO

    now that’s terrific…and funny

  • Iknowmore

    Really??? An article in the real deal about 2 small rental agents from a partially known company (Bond). These agents don’t even do sales, what’s the big story?? Much bigger agents transfer every day between big firms like Prudential and Corcoran or BHS or Halstead or Southbey’s… Even that is not such interesting news, but small rental agents??? What sales or exclusives did that Jodi or Shelley have??? also sounds like that Jodi think she got a goose with golden eggs (Shelley) and planning to use it until it runs dry :-)

  • dontstop

    Can’t we just be happy for the agents found a new home? Stop the hating. Most of us started as rental agents. They are transitioning to sales and TOWN is a good platform for it. I have never met a TOWN agent that was not the consummate professional being a rental or sales agent. Jodi is a pro and I am sure that Shelly and Jodi will do well there.

    Congrats to Shelly, Jodi, and Judi! Smart move to TOWN. I am really liking what I am seeing in that company. Am curious to see what happens in a year…

  • KaKaw

    yawn…slow day today i guess.

  • nyc121

    I agree that the departure of the two rental agents is not particularly newsworthy. Young agents who find success in the rental world often take a swing at sales by venturing on to a bigger more prestigious firm. It is a common narrative. Of course, there is no gaurantee that rental success translates into sales success (two entirely different worlds). The big news is the departure of Warburg’s top producer. It is ALWAYS a big deal to lose the top producer. The traditional firm structure is centered around the one(s) at the top. Often, a single top producer generates commissions equal to the entire bottom fifth of the agent pool (think John Berger or Dolly Lenz). Losing a top producer is a very bad thing and it is surprising Peters let it happen. Just another sign that Warburg is not the firm it used to be. First, they get sued because their agent who is mentally ill destroys an apartment, then they are forced to close two of their offices after Lehman. Now this. Makes one wonder how much longer a midling like Warburg can survive in the land of giants that is Manhattan high end sales.