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Jehovah’s Witnesses property sells for $6.6M, to be used for luxury rentals

April 23, 2012 02:00PM

An unidentified investor group has purchased the last remaining Jehovah’s Witnesses property that Massey Knakal Realty Services marketed for $6.6 million, Crain’s reported, 14 percent below the asking price. The group plans to turn the seven-story, 13-unit building, located at 183 Columbia Heights in Brooklyn Heights, into luxury rentals with leasing expected to begin this summer.

“Our clients were very pleased with the results,” Massey Knakal Chairman Bob Knakal told Crain’s, who marketed three Jehovah’s Witnesses properties, which was first reported last summer.

As previously reported, 161 Columbia Heights, which Sugar Hill Capital Partners purchased earlier this year, recently hit the rental market.

The other property, 50 Orange Street, sold for $7.1 million in January.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are eyeing an upstate move and put an additional five Brooklyn Heights buildings up for sale last summer. [Crain’s]

  • Bartholomew

    To the non Jehovahs Witness Brooklyn residents,City officials,Journalist they only see some tidy bldg renovated by Watchtower *volunteer* workers.
    Behind the scenes… there are hundred’s of thousands of the flock who were fleeced with an apocalyptic promise.
    In 2012 the Watchtower is “cashing in on the kingdom”,cover stories about them moving upstate to expand don’t wash as everybody knows they are cutting back and even shrinking their Watchtower magazine to 1/2 size.

  • bstrom650

    As a member of Jehovah’s ‘flock’ since 1982, I have been fortunate to benefit from principled learning and fine associates for many years. The trustworthy individuals who have faithfully served Jehovah’s organization with these property sales will continue to advance Bible truth with proceeds.

    All efforts to discredit the fully documented history of true religion in action throughout the world have also failed to provide satisfying answers to man’s most important needs. As we all watch the endless stream of futility the world faces under man’s horrendous rule, we benefit ourselves so much more when we seek truth and gain the rewards of personal integrity.

  • provilo

    bstrom650 your comment reads like a paragraph from a Watchtower.
    Having had been a member of “Jehovah’s flock” since 1971 and went through the 1975 debacle. It was 30 years later I realized that the Watchtower organization was just a money making publishing corporation, that used unpaid labor to distribute their literature.
    Selling up in Brooklyn is nothing more than a sign that the WT is having to economize. Income is not what it used to be, members are becoming disillusioned about the false prophecies made and and the constant dispassionate teachings. Dig into Watchtower history and you will find constant deception, lies and false teachings. But of course no JW is allowed to do so, another example of the control the WT exerts over its members.