Amy Sacco and Bungalow name are barred from Meatpacking, how the upgrade to Madison Square Park changed NoMad … and more

May 11, 2012 08:00AM

1. Ten years later, Madison Square Park upgrade proved transformative for NoMad [NYT]
2. Community Board 4 bars Bungalow name, Amy Sacco involvement from West 16th Street site [Post]
3. Queens Museum of Art organizes tour of Ridgewood’s growing art scene [NYDN]
4. Surf Lodge finally gets approval for something from East Hampton, can keep dry bar on patio [East Hampton Star]
5. The many historical uses of the dirt path surrounding Central Park’s reservoir [NYT]
6. National Parks Service approves construction of outdoor movie studio in Astoria [Post]
7. Fresh Meadows residents seek LPC designation for cemetery to stave off development [NYDN]
8. As court ruling extends pair of defaulted mortgages for 15 years, investors frown upon “extend and pretend” [WSJ]
9. FDNY shows off brand new waterfront firehouse on SI [DNAinfo]
10. How to navigate the online mortgage lending marketplace [NYT]
11. Washington Heights’ United Palace Cathedral could become community arts center [NYDN]
12. Upstate N.Y. communities with low property values have disproportionately high property taxes [Democrat and Chronicle]