Application withdrawn for controversial Upper West Side development

June 06, 2012 04:30PM

A proposal to build a skinny 14-story building at 207 West 75th Street on the Upper West Side has been withdrawn from the Board of Standards and Appeals, the West Side Rag reported. The plan, to build a 141-foot-tall structure on a site zoned for buildings no taller than 71 feet, was previously rejected by the Upper West Side community board after the neighboring co-op board aired concerns over obstructed views and out-of-character development. That push was led by NY1’s Pat Kiernan, president of the co-op board at 215 West 75th Street, who said the proposal was “not welcome in our neighborhood.” 

At the time, the property owner, an unidentified LLC, said it needed the zoning variance in order to recoup a return on the more than $5 million it invested to purchase the property last year. It planned to demolish the existing two story structure on the site and replaced with an MA Architects-designed residential building.

However, the owners’ attorney sent a letter to BSA to withdraw the application. “As a direct result of recent developments between the applicant and the adjacent property owner, 215 W. 75th Street Owners Corp,” it read, “which, if finalized, will provide a viable approach to obtaining a reasonable return, the Applicant is hereby withdrawing the above referenced application for a variance.” The “recent developments” were not specified. [West Side Rag]