Shifting Hamptons rental scene leaves many homes available for vacationers

June 28, 2012 09:00AM

The dynamics of renting the Hamptons have changed, according to the New York Post, and that’s benefiting last-minute vacation home hunters. As the economy has slumped, brokers say fewer renters are taking homes for the entire season. Instead, they prefer to rent for weeks or a month at a time. That trend has grown in each of the past several years. But landlords have been reluctant to acquiesce to these renters, as splitting up the season involves more effort — especially when it comes to cleaning and preparing the home for a summer rental. As a result, many passed on rental deals that, in hindsight, were strong offers.

“There are properties available in all price points still,” said Ernie Cervi, executive managing director at the Corcoran Group in Bridgehampton.

But brokers say that leveraging that availability into a bargain rental is unlikely, as owners would balk at those offers. Further, they still expect some demand as the Hamptons season has skewed later in recent years, often not starting until July 1 and ending well in to September. [Post]