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Inside a $1,300 per month apartment owned by the city’s worst landlord: VIDEO

July 11, 2012 04:30PM

Tenants of the city’s worst landlord constantly face rats, cockroaches, water-damaged ceilings and holes in the walls and floors of their $1,300 per month apartments. NBC found these conditions when it paid a visit to three Mount Eden buildings owned by College Management, which Public Advocate Bill De Blasio recently named the worst landlord in the city (see video above).

The buildings contain 724 violations, including 82 of the Class C variety that represent immediate danger.”These are health and safety violations of a very serious nature,” De Blasio said.

Tenants told NBC that the building used to be a “pleasure” to live in. Public records show the current ownership took over the three 21-unit buildings at 1259, 1265 and 1269 College Avenue, near 169th Street, for $3.6 million in 2007. Since then conditions have worsened: one tenant has had to use the bathroom with an umbrella to stay dry from water dripping from the ceiling.

Now, tenants are taking College Management, headed by Eli Abbott, to Bronx Housing Court in hopes that it will lead to building improvements. According to the New York Daily News, the city’s Department of Housing and Preservation has spent $25,000 on emergency repairs at the building. Abbott has repaid most of that and has settled two suits brought by the agency for a total of $8,200.

  • Harlemite

    I’m not going to defend this landlord but I will make fun of the video. Nearly every “problem” that they showed was a problem caused by the tenants.
    1st – why is it a landlords fault that there are roaches? That’s a tenant caused problem. They can keep their places clean and the roaches go away. They can buy traps to catch them – every bodega sells them. My landlord doesn’t spray for bugs but we don’t have any in the building because my neighbors and I are reasonable people.
    2nd. the toilet they showed was dirty it wasn’t broken – is the landlord supposed to clean toilets?
    3rd – same issue with the bathtub they showed. The black grime on the tiles wasn’t put there by the landlord right? The tenant needs to clean it off. If anything that tenant owes the landlord money not the other way around.
    4th – the stove they showed worked – it was just disgustingly dirty – how is that the fault of the landlord?
    5th – the graffiti on the walls in the staircase?? Come on – you think the landlord is writing graffiti in his own building?
    6th – the missing smoke detector – you think smoke detectors just get up and walk away? You think the landlord installed it and then sneaked in late and night and stole half of it back???
    I just don’t get it – the only thing I saw that I felt the landlord should be responsible for was the plaster falling from the ceiling. (but that very likely could have been caused by a neighbor upstairs who spilled water). If you’re going to do a story on bad landlords then do a story about bad landlords – don’t do a story about filthy tenants.

  • Danny Handelman

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