City agency: Scientology’s loud Midtown commercials promote business, not religion

July 27, 2012 11:00AM

The Church of Scientology’s latest battle is with the New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection. The DEP hit the group with a fine because the commercials featured on screens outside of the group’s West 46th Street church included sound, which is a violation of city law.

The blaring screens were noticed last year by a DEP inspector outside the Scientology building at 227 West 46th Street. A representative for the church told the Post that the $700 summons was wrongly issued, as the noise was being used to promote the religion, not to sell anything.

Although the hearing officer at the Environmental Control Board agreed, and dismissed the violation, the DEP is appealing, the Post said.

In the past, the church has sparred with former members and the government of Germany, which does not recognize Scientology as a religious organization. [Post] — Guelda Voien