Coney Island vies to steal Staten Island’s Ferris Wheel, Google co-founder becomes a real estate mogul … and more

August 31, 2012 08:00AM

1. Coney Island wants the massive Ferris Wheel promised to Staten Island [Brooklyn Daily]
2. Bronx NYCHA resident is injured by falling sink, for which she submitted a repair request in August 2010 [NYDN]
3. Studying the history of Columbia Heights in Brooklyn, which for more than a century has been “the most fashionable street in Brooklyn” [NYT]
4. How Google co-founder Sergey Brin became a real estate mogul [NBC]
5. MTA continues removal of trash cans in subway stations [Post]
6. Yes, landlords can raise rents after tenants have signed renewals [NYT]
7. British couple finds 17-foot deep medieval well underneath their home [NYDN]
8. Paul Allen puts’s 1.8 million-square-foot Seattle campus up for sale [Bloomberg]
9. With low interest rates, borrowers are increasingly writing checks to convert jumbo loans to conventional ones [NYT]
10. Four L.I. properties on the market with golf courses [Newsday]
11. What the future holds for taxes on forgiven mortgage debts [WSJ]
12. Assembly Democrats come to Sheldon Silver‘s side [NYT]
13. 106 city schools are in danger of closing due to poor performance [NYDN]
14. Why a pair of NYC newcomers with a $3,500 a month budget settled on Midtown West over the East Village [NYT]
15. Dyckman Street restaurants allegedly operate illegally as dance clubs late into the night [NYDN]