New Yorkers dream about augmented real estate, psychiatrists say

October 29, 2012 03:30PM

Forget penning the great American novel or running a six-minute mile. New Yorkers appear to be much more preoccupied with real estate. The Wall Street Journal reported that local psychiatrists say recurring dreams about augmented real estate are a fixture among the populace here.

In their dreams, many New York City residents find themselves discovering new rooms or secret balconies, experts told the Journal. “It’s very common,” Anne Cutler, a Union Square psychoanalyst who analyzes dreams, told the paper. “They tend to be excited.”

But while we crave space, the cost of an extra room is about $605,000 — or $1,200 a month for renters, the paper said.

And, apparently, real estate dreams will also end when an ex-pat New Yorker find themselves with sufficient space for the first time in their lives.

One former New Yorker who moved to Tampa this year, told the Journal her dreams of finding extra rooms in her house ceased after she moved to a two-bedroom. “They only have two dreams here,” she said, of Tampa. “Joining the best yacht club or joining the best country club.” [WSJ] –Guelda Voien