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Manhattan Residential buys 40 UWS rental units in bulk deal

At the Hermitage, an $11.6M deal for rent-stabilized, rent-controlled units
By Katherine Clarke | December 19, 2012 12:00PM

When the Upper West Side’s Hermitage rental building turned condo in 2001, not all of its residents moved on without complaint. Eleven years later, 40 units at the building, which overlooks Central Park, are still occupied by rent-stabilized and rent-controlled tenants. Now, one plucky young company is betting it can negotiate with the existing tenants to finally turn the remaining units into luxury condominiums. 

Manhattan Residential earlier this week purchased the remaining 40 units from Goldfein for $11.6 million, its co-founder Shia Shustik told The Real Deal yesterday. Shustik said the company estimates the market value of the units to be between $36 million and $38 million. There were no brokers involved in the deal.

“We have a very successful track record. We’ll go in and speak to these people and really negotiate with them,” Shustik told The Real Deal of the company’s strategy to turn over the units.

The 17-story Hermitage, at 41 West 72nd Street, has 128 units. According to, it is one of the only Upper West Side pre-war condominiums. Shustik said Manhattan Residential plans to renovate and combine a number of the one- and two-bedroom units it purchased to form larger, family-style properties to appeal to Upper West Side families. But selling the units quickly is not guaranteed: “This is a long-term position,” Shustik said. “We’re not expecting to recoup our entire investment overnight.”

The units are the last remaining sponsor-owned properties in the building, meaning Manhattan Residential will be able to sell them without condo board approval. The company, which has purchased units in bulk from Goldfein both in Bronxville and Manhattan previously, saw the value in the location, Shustik said.

“It’s not like we’re buying into an area and hoping it’s going to get better over time. Unless they sell the park to Donald Trump to build a golf course, I think we’re going to be fine,” he joked.

Doug Goldfein, managing partner of Goldfein Properties, told The Real Deal that the company had decided to shift the remaining inventory in order to allocate its resources to other projects. “It was just time,” he said.

In addition to the 40 units at the Hermitage, Goldfein sold an additional five units at 300 East 71st Street to Manhattan Residential, Shustik said.

  • 3CPO

    “We have a very successful track record. We’ll go in and speak to these people and really negotiate with them,” = harassment

  • FrankieSays

    Very wrong for you make the assumption that there is/will be harassment. They could very well be long term investors with deep pockets who can afford to either wait them out, or present them with an offer based on their financial calculations. Odds are if they hvae a successful track record (they have bought other properties form this same owner), they are well funded and know waht they are doing.

    Very wrong for people to assume the worst and to give all RE investors bad names.

    • no-permits

      either way you slice it, it is harassment.

  • no-permits

    approaching them for a buyout is considered harassment

  • FrankieSays

    No. You can have deep pocket and not approach them directly… You could maybe have an article posted that you are going to, but then not actually do it. I’m sure one might come to you over time… Once that starts, the snowball can get rolling.

    No harassment at all.

    Not an investment for the inexperienced, and there is no evidence anywhere of this experienced company or individual having any wrong doings ever. In fact, the other article on tRD on them is about him and his client suing a broker who shafted them!

  • cap16

    The Hermitage / aka 41 W 72nd Street is 2 doors from Columbus— how does this equate to “Overlooks Central Park?” I can guarantee that not one apartment in this building has a decent view of anything other then buildings to the north or south.

  • cap16

    You either pay the tenants off with big bucks or burn through cash every month to pay the re taxes, common charges and mortgage payments.