Revolutionary War-era property trades for $5.4M

Edward Mooney House is supposedly the oldest row house in NYC
By Hayley Kaplan | January 24, 2013 04:00PM

The oldest row house in New York, known as the Edward Mooney House, has sold for almost $5.4 million, according to city records filed today. The mixed-use property is located at 18 Bowery in Chinatown. The tale goes that the building, a historic landmark on the corner of Pell Street, was reportedly built between 1785 and 1789 for the wealthy butcher Edward Mooney on land seized from British loyalist James Delancey. The building later became a saloon and brothel.

A couple, Chin Po and Diana Liu, sold the property, although further details on their identity were not available. They bought the building in 1991, although the purchase price was not listed. The buyer is listed as Mooney House LLC.

The four-story building includes five commercial and two residential units, according to PropertyShark.

The sellers did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Attorneys for the sellers and the buyer were also not immediately available.