A Day in the life of: Francis Greenburger

The 63-year-old Time Equities chief executive was a child business prodigy. Now, he juggles new condo projects and famous writers.
By C. J. Hughes | February 19, 2013 04:30PM

From the February issue:  5 a.m. I live in a townhouse near Washington Square Park. I wake up early [without an alarm] at around 5, though if I’m anxious I might get up as early as 3. I use that time for the e-mail avalanche and to process whatever paper mail I have from the day before. I don’t do e-mails during the day.

7:45 a.m. I eat every day at the same time. I don’t eat bread and things like that for my weight, so my breakfast is always pretty much the same: fresh fruit mixed in a bowl with orange juice. Years ago, someone told me to try orange juice instead of milk in cereal. I will also have a little bit of cheese with jam, which I learned from my father, Sanford Greenburger, who was a diabetic. He died of a stroke when he was 67, lying on a couch. [more]