The Real Deal New York

Coney Island prepares for blockbuster comeback, Marbleworks Lofts rentals hit the market … and more

March 08, 2013 05:00PM

1. Units at Williamsburg’s Marbleworks Lofts start at $3,650 per month [Curbed]
2. The 60-room Bushwick hotel at 19 Bogart Street is taking shape [Curbed]
3. Tonight: Ryan Serhant of Nest Seekers International dishes on the real estate biz on ABC’s 20/20 [ABC]
4. Developers of 180 Orchard Street hotel agree to start construction later in the morning [Lo-Down]
5. But neighbors of Ben Shaoul’s Cabrini Center conversion report a “minor earthquake” of jackhammering [EV Grieve]
6. The problems of a spiky skyline in Williamsburg [NYO]
7. One-stop “culture” shop: Bleecker Bob’s may sell records out of new yogurt store [DNAinfo]
8. Billionaires buy real estate — who knew? [NYT]
9. Battered by Sandy, Coney Island prepares for record comeback [Crain’s]
10. Why real estate brokers haven’t suffered the same Internet era demise as travel agents [Bloomberg Businessweek]
11. Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls on his $57 per month apartment [EV Grieve]
12. Bricks, the building material with the “human touch” [NYT]
13. After mass shootings, the question of how to rebuild [New Yorker]
14. Tenants of 145 East 15th Street complain Union Square bar patrons sullying their garden [Gothamist]
15. Satirists set up fake Queens Community Board website [DNAinfo]
16. A custom tailor shop is available for rent in Park Slope [Here’s Park Slope]