Leroy Schecter cuts 15CPW price to $85M

April 04, 2013 11:45AM

Metal mogul Leroy Schecter has slashed the asking price for his deluxe pad at 15 Central Park West. The Marino/Ware Industries chairman now wants $85 million — not $95 million — for his two-unit combo at the exclusive Upper West Side building, Curbed reported.

Schechter’s property has been on the market since August, listed with Emily Beare of Core; he paid $18.9 million for the two apartments. Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez lived in one when it was a rental.

The magnate has admitted that pricing the apartment was not an exact science.

“Nobody knows what the right price is,” he told the Wall Street Journal last year. “If you had $10 billion and you are trying to put in a good place, you aren’t going to put it in a bank, you are going to try to buy good real estate with it.” [Curbed]Katherine Clarke