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Coney Island residents fight with co-op president

April 08, 2013 12:30PM

A war is brewing between Trump Village residents and their co-op president, the New York Post reported.

Residents of Trump Village in Coney Island allege Igor Oberman, a prosecutor for the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission and a candidate for City Council, feuds with residents and then launches evictions proceedings against them.

“[Oberman] thinks it’s 1938 in the Soviet Union,” Yakov Mirochnik, a disabled tenant who has clashed publicly with Oberman, told the Post.

One resident who Oberman tried unsuccessfully to evict is Eugene Ovsishcher, a former soldier who returned home from Afghanistan with post-traumatic stress disorder, the Post said.

Another resident who is fighting an eviction order has started an anti-Oberman petition drive. [NYP] –Hayley Kaplan

  • A Co Op Bd President in NJ

    not a great way to get elected to the City Council Duhhh ?

  • US citizen

    We live under dictatorship, repressions and corruption. Now Igor Oberman wants to rule 48th district. He thinks he can bring Soviet era methods here. America, vote for him and you will meet some Stalin type of democracy. You are welcome!