Bed-Stuy historic district triples in size after Landmarks vote

April 16, 2013 05:30PM

The city Landmarks Preservation Commission today approved an expansion of the Bedford-Stuyvesant historic district that will triple its size, the New York Times reported. The measure means that an additional 825 properties will fall within the borders of the 430-building district.

“It’s completely unique,” Elisabeth de Bourbon, the LPC’s spokesperson, told the Times. “It’s unique for its cohesive streetscape that continues on block after block. There is a special sense of place, which means there is nowhere else like it.”

The boundary now spans the area encompassing Macon and Halsey streets and Jefferson Avenue to the north; Fulton, Chauncey and Decatur streets to the south; Malcolm X Boulevard to the east and Tompkins Avenue to the west. It also includes a collection of brownstones, wood-frame houses and Gothic chateau structures.

This vote comes years in the making. The initial vote was postponed 20 years due to disagreements between residents and elected representatives, the Times said. [NYT]Zachary Kussin