The Real Deal New York

Real estate unplugged: Why do brokers forgo the latest technology?

By Yasmeen Qureshi | April 18, 2013 04:00PM

From the April issue: These days, a bewildering array of new real estate — related technologies, from iPads to “virtual staging,” are all but essential to doing business in New York. Or are they?

Some successful real estate pros have just said “no” to all this technology, claiming it distracts them from the business at hand. Landlord Frank Ring, who owns some 15 office buildings, famously does not use email and prefers to be contacted by fax. [more]

  • roman

    No $hit sherlock. Real players have minimal phone toys, and if it’s a deal they passed up last year they already know the numbers. What fool would chop their income in half by listing (boasting) of their activity? Deals can be stolen with ease, must be for rental brokers all the toys.