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Serhant celebrates “MDLNY” premiere with Marquee New York fête: PHOTOS

May 09, 2013 06:30PM
By Zachary Kussin

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Drinks flowed and Top 40 remixes blasted at a party hosted last night at Marquee New York by reality TV broker Ryan Serhant to mark the second season premiere of the show “Million Dollar Listing New York.”

Serhant, of Nest Seekers International, spent the early part of the evening on the red carpet, posing for pictures with fans and colleagues.

“You make me who I am today,” Serhant told the crowd, which included business partner Nick Jabbour, senior vice president of Nest Seekers, and his boss, Nest Seekers CEO Eddie Shapiro.

“Without Eddie Shapiro, I’d still be a hand model,” Serhant said, referring to his boss and his former career.

Other real estate bigwigs present: Howard Margolis, executive vice president of Douglas Elliman, and DelShah Capital principal Michael Shah. Noticeably absent were Serhant’s “MDLNY” co-stars Fredrik Eklund and Luis Ortiz.

When asked about the new season, Serhant kvelled: “It’s going to be the greatest show that’s been on TV ever.”

  • Adam

    Who cares

  • HughGass

    explain this to me, what’s with all you resi brokers who seem to spend way too much attention on looks and fashion. are you all failed models?

  • RickyRoma42

    I really think the real deal has a love hate relationship with this show. It’s kinda awesome to read the articles. Personally, I happen to know that one particular owner on the show is fake….a stand in. All staged. Ah, reality TV. Kudos if they do good real estate but I smell Kardashian shame here…..

  • Guys watch, enjoy, and remember that joys of life comes from being happy over the good fortune of others. :)

  • Julie Machover

    What bothers me though I love seeing magical properties, is that I make $850 a month. many of my friends make less and are single moms supporting kids. I am educated.
    It hurts my heart to see both you NY and LA guys spend that and more on an appetizer. you could take your talents and rescue some kids from an apartment where there’s no hot water, and bedbug infestations and yes lead poisoning. You could sponsor a kid with Heiffer and they will have milk for the life of a goat or cow.
    You say greed is goood. Ambition. Sure. But how about grace or humility? There are days I don’t eat Ryan. Yet you make more in 1 commission than I probably see in a year.
    Do you try and help anyone at all? Pick up
    A hammer for habitat for humanity? Did u pitch in during sandy? Help in Haiti or Katrina ?
    In Judaism we call these mitzvah s. Ask josh Flagg or Altman if u can talk to em without fighting. There’s enough real estate for all of you. Help seone and take out the ego.peace be with you.