Southampton boards debate redrawing village lines for sprawling condo complex

Beechwood development would have 77 villas and townhouses
May 17, 2013 09:30AM

The Southampton Town Board and Southampton Village Board organized a joint public hearing last week to discuss a petition from developers Beechwood Organization that would redraw the village boundaries to allow for a large condominium complex, the Southampton Patch reported.

Beechwood — led by Michael Dubb in partnership with Steven Dubb and George Benedict — is slated to build 77 villas and townhomes, as well as a tennis court, clubhouse and pool.

The Bishops Pond at Southampton Village project will rise at the site of a former sand mine and composting site, part of which lies in an unincorporated area of Southampton Town. But the developers would like the entire complex to be within the village.

Benedict is the father-in-law of Southampton Village Mayor Mark Epley, who recused himself at the meeting.

The annexation, Beechwood’s attorney David Gilmartin told board members, was justified if the boards thought that the project was in “the overall public interest, number one, and number two, whether there is a unity of purpose and facilities that constitute a community here. I would say that the evidence in that regard is overwhelming.”

Some neighborhood residents expressed wholehearted approval for the annexation, while others were against changes that would benefit specific developers.

The hearing was adjourned until June 6, and when it closes, the boards will have 90 days to vote separately on the annexation. Both boards need to sign off for the proposal to pass. [Patch]Hiten Samtani