Airbnb user fined $2,400 for hosting guest at condo

May 21, 2013 01:00PM

Airbnb continues to spur legal issues in New York City. An administrative law judge has upheld a $2,400 fine against a man who allegedly violated the city’s illegal hotel law by hosting a guest at his condominium at 182 East 2nd Street using the short-term rental website, CNET reported.

However, Administrative Law Judge Clive Morrick dismissed building and zoning code violations against the man, Nigel Warren, and reduced the fine from $7,000, CNET said.

“While breech of the condominium rules is not of itself a ground for sustaining this [notice], respondent was in breach [through Warren’s acts] and the existence of the rule against rental for transient, hotel, or motel purposes is evidence that the unit owners were to restrict their use to permanent occupation,” Judge Morrick wrote.

In September, Warren rented his condo to a woman for a three-day stay while his housemate was also living at the apartment, documents said.

Airbnb came to Warren’s defense after the decision was announced, but he told CNET he is not planning to appeal the decision.

Airbnb could produce $1 billion in New York City’s economic activity this year, according to figures reported by Crain’s. That’s despite the city’s recent efforts to enforce a 2011 state law prohibiting short-term rentals. [CNET]Mark Maurer