Seamless to stay put in Midtown, despite GrubHub merger

May 21, 2013 01:30PM

Seamless, the delivery food website that yesterday announced its merger with competitor GrubHub, will keep its Midtown headquarters space, Crain’s reported. GrubHub will also maintain its Chicago headquarters.

“We don’t have a single office,” Seamless CEO Jonathan Zabusky — soon to become the president of the merged company — told Crain’s. “Both companies have storied histories in the cities they come from, so it was never a consideration to close one of the offices.”

Seamless last year opened a new 28,000-square-foot headquarters at 1065 Sixth Avenue at 40th Street, as previously reported. The company launched in 1999 and grew into a network serving customers in cities spanning from Los Angeles to London.

Seamless, now with GrubHub, will be the largest food delivery service in the nation. The merged company will have a network of 20,000 restaurants in 500 cities in the U.S., Crain’s said. [Crain’s]Zachary Kussin