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Tracy Mansion in Park Slope gets second price chop

Ask for home has been reduced $10M since it first hit the market
By Zachary Kussin | June 07, 2013 11:00AM

The 50-foot-wide Tracy Mansion in Park Slope – originally listed for $25 million this past November – got a second price chop yesterday, bringing the asking price to just $15 million, according to StreetEasy.

The limestone mansion at 105 Eighth Avenue, was easily poised to set a record for the highest price paid for a single-family home in Brooklyn when it first hit the market, as The Real Deal reported. A mansion in Brooklyn Heights, at 70 Willow Street, once owned by Truman Capote set the $12.5 million record last year, and still holds the title, according to appraiser Jonathan Miller of data firm Miller Samuel.

The property first saw a $7 million price drop just one month after it hit the market, as previously reported; yesterday the ask slipped an additional $3 million.

The owners, Anil and Hannah Sinha, are selling the home as part of a “gradual retirement,” following a sex scandal involving their daughter, Lina, who worked at one of three New York City Montessori schools the couple owned, according to a report last year from the Wall Street Journal. The Sinhas bought the home for $95,000 in 1969, the Journal said.

Even now, at $15 million, the sale would still be a record total for the borough, Miller told The Real Deal. However, the sale would be lower on a per-square-foot basis than the $12.5 million sale.

The mansion measures 9,788 square feet, according to PropertyShark. The Truman Capote home, in Brooklyn Heights, is 5,702 square feet.

Halstead Property’s Marc Wisotsky and Jackie Lew have the listing. Neither were immediately available for comment.

Correction: Due to an editing error, a previous version of this article said the property was the site of a sex scandal. A Halstead spokesperson told The Real Deal that was not the case.

  • no-permits

    you know, about two weeks ago the halstead sign was down and there was some sort of banner hanging from the building. it seemed as if a school moved in, but then a week later, the halstead sign was back up and the flag was gone. very odd.

    • neighbor

      They were filming a TV show there. The banner was part of the set.

  • NYC Tipster

    Well informed Buyers and Renters, have more confidence when they pull the trigger

  • Passerby

    I’ve never previously corrected a correction, but a search on Google reveals that the NY Times April 19, 2007 mentioned that Lina Sinha was sentenced to up to 14 years for having a sexual relationship with a student.
    The Times reported that the judge, Justice Carol Berkman, said she “… found the calls ‘chilling’ and Ms. Sinha’s ability to lie in them ‘astonishing,’ and “… she’s a predator who lived a lie.”
    Do we have new information that the Times and several other newspapers at about that time had it wrong?