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Rapid Realty agent arrested for allegedly swindling clients

July 17, 2013 12:30PM

UPDATED, July 17, 3:19 p.m.: A Rapid Realty agent was arrested last week for allegedly bilking clients out of more than $5,000, DNAinfo reported.

Brian Fuller — who worked out of the Park Slope North office, at 177 Fourth Avenue, of the massive rental franchise — was charged with four counts of grand larceny and five counts of petit larceny. A criminal complaint filed by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office alleged that the 25-year-old licensed salesperson took advantage of his clients’ naiveté.

A Rapid Realty broker noticed a discrepancy in one of Fuller’s deals on a routine spot check. This led to an internal investigation that resulted in Fuller’s termination, a brokerage spokesperson told The Real Deal.

“We contacted the authorities to ask for their assistance, and the broker who discovered the discrepancy accompanied the aggrieved client to file an official complaint against Mr. Fuller,” the spokesperson said. “We worked with the police to aid their discovery, and ultimately an arrest was made.”

According to the complaint, Fuller told a client in April he “needed to put money down to be held in escrow” before he could be shown an apartment. The client then handed Fuller $500 in cash at a Bay Ridge Citibank, according to the complaint cited by DNAinfo. Fuller allegedly showed the client an apartment he didn’t like, promising to keep the $500 in an escrow account. The client continued to pay Fuller varying amounts to visit apartments, each of which he declined to rent, the complaint claims. Despite several requests from the client, Fuller allegedly refused to return the funds.

A Rapid Realty employee told investigators she reviewed the firm’s accounts and found no record of Fuller setting up an escrow account for the client, the criminal complaint states. The complaint lists another instance in May in which Fuller held onto three money orders from a prospective renter. [DNAinfo]Mark Maurer

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  • LMAO

    Did he have a company tattoo?

    • Ghouliani

      Yes, the moron does,LMFAO!!!!!

    • Rapidly left thatb hell hold!


  • Aram

    Reminds me of dan neiditch from River2River (or is it Dan Bloomberg nephew of the mayor)

  • no-permits

    i was hoping to see anthony lollis picture

  • Donald. T.

    Another great reason why rapid is good to do business with they have and internal affairs division making sure clients , landlords and tenants are being taking cared off the right way there is too many shady people out there regardless of the company i’m glad this is done. keeping professionalism and ethical standard above an beyond. i would like to see other companies do the same.

  • David Sandler

    LOL @ Donald T….obviously associated with that shady company

    • Saphire

      Why is the company shady if the company filed charges and are helping clients throughout the process?

      • Eric

        Because the cat is out of the bag and on one wants to appear as though they encouraged his behavior. I’ve heard enough about rapid to know that… And yeah I definitely agree w David

        • Ghouliani

          No moron the only thing they did was encourage and accompany the aggrieved client to the DA’s office, maybe you should go back to the 3rd grade and try and master reading comprehension

        • N. Rodriguez

          Eric-Clearly you’re not speaking based on facts. Look up the case, if you do, you will see that the company made the discovery & initiated the investigation by filing a police report. All of it is public records. NR

    • Shanda King

      O wow the whole company is shady cause of one agent guess your not the brightest star in the sky

      • Me

        aggressive freak, aren’t you? You’re likely writing from Rikers

    • Commonsense

      Common sense. LOL @ David, obviously assocated with another firm. Possibly citi habitats..notorious for posing as customers and writers fake reviews about other companies.

  • Don’t delete comments

    Where did the post about Dan at River to River go? Shady business going on.

  • Ghouliani

    Yes, he is a tattoo wearing moron,LMFAO!!!!

  • Anton LoL

    This is just the tip of the iceberg with Rapid Realty. The whole company is essentially a big Ponzi scam, where none of the offices actually turn a profit, except anthony lolli gets to line his pockets off of the constant, consistent, persistent shady and unethical deals that nearly every agent at the company conspires in. and let’s not think for a second that the brokers are unaware of what goes on in their own office. shady dealings at rapid are not only tolerated, they are encouraged. The number of DOS investigations both filed and threatened to be filed against the company number in the hundreds just in the past year. if you’re renting an apt in brooklyn or wherever, you should do yourself a favor and stay far, FAR away from rapid realty. They will scam you out of your money rapidly. ha.

    Rapid realty does NOT have an internal affairs division, or any compliance division, of any kind. They just make up rules and make decisions on what to do as they go along. There is not a system in place, or division of any kind, to make sure that offices are staying/maintaining compliance with all relevant rules, laws and regulations.

    and nice try Donald T… but that’s Rapid Realty COO Carlos Angelucci trying to make his own company look better by posting anonymously as Donald T. Nice try pal, but your company is a scammmmm. and your boss is going to jail once the songbirds start singing and that house of cards called Rapid Realty come crashing down on it’s own shady behavior.

  • Shady biz

    what’s up with all the negative comments about rapid realty that are being removed from this page? is the real deal in shady cahoots with rapid?

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      Hi Shady biz. Thanks for your comment. Our policy is to remove any comments that contain personal attacks or offensive content. Additionally, commenters who use other people’s names as their user IDs will have their comments deleted.

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      grow up!

  • concerned810

    How does one find out if the money has in fact been put into an escrow account? I am presently dealing with a similar issue.

    • No Games

      I set up escrow accounts for my tenants that have their name on them. Funds can ‘t be withdrawn unless both parties sign an approved withdrawal bank slip after terms of rider agreement of escrow account are satisfied. At the very least, ask for a bank receipt.

  • daniela kovick

    They run rentals in Riverdale faking hair cutting in a barber shop next to Dunkin Donuts and and will walk to the new one around the corner past the coffee shop where you will see the name Rapid Realty.

  • daniela kovick

    It on 242nd Street, Bronx NY last stop on the number 1 train and where the bee line starts, there is also a 9 bus that stops in front of “Scissors are us ” Barber Shop. It is just a scam rental.

  • daniela kovick

    Affliated with others with different Real Estate office names all 5 boroughs.