Real estate mogul, wife face off over baby daddy Cowell

Silverman accused of partying hearty with girls worldwide
August 05, 2013 12:00PM

UPDATE, 6:29 p.m., August 5: Real estate mogul Andrew Silverman and wife Lauren, Simon Cowell’s baby mama, are trading shots over who has the worse morals.

Silverman, chief investment officer of the Andalex Group, told TMZ he knew about his wife’s romance with Cowell from the start. A close friend of Lauren accused Andrew of partying with girls across the globe, though she never described it as “cheating,” TMZ said.

Another source told the New York Post that Lauren didn’t think she could get pregnant again after suffering a few miscarriages. The Silvermans have a 7-year-old son named Adam.

“She and Simon were not using protection because doctors said she couldn’t get pregnant,” the source told the Post.

The developer has accused his wife of adultery with Cowell in filing for divorce. As of last week, Lauren was reportedly 10 weeks pregnant with “The X Factor” judge’s baby.

The Silvermans did spend the weekend with their son in Bridgehampton, N.Y.

In another revelation, the Post reported that Andrew’s family owns the Veneto Hotel & Casino in Panama City, Fla., which is known as a hotbed for prostitution. The resort, affiliated with the Wyndham hotel chain, is “separate from the traditional real-estate interests” owned by the Silverman family. The Silvermans bought it in 2007 for $90 million.

“It is disgraceful that someone would try to smear an innocent family by mischaracterizing their investments to divert attention from the real issue — a married woman being impregnated by a man who is not her husband,” a statement provided to The Real Deal by a source close to the family. “This property, like other in Panama, is highly-regulated and operates like similar venues in Vegas and other Central and South American countries.” [NYP and TMZ] – TRD