Extell’s 40 Riverside to include “poor door” for renters

Separate entrance mandated by city zoning rules, plan says
August 12, 2013 05:30PM

Extell Development’s new 33-story building at 40 Riverside Boulevard will have two entrances: One for the condominium buyers, whose residences will face the Hudson River, and another for the tenants, who will live in affordable rental units, the West Side Rag reported.

The building, which Extell is developing with the Carlyle Group, is to have 274 units, 219 of which will sell as condos and 55 of which will rent to individuals who make 60 percent or less of the area median income, about $51,540.

The affordable units will be in a segment of the building on the second through sixth floors with its own entrance, under the requirements of the city’s zoning regulations, according to the building plan, cited by West Side Rag.

Affordable two-bedrooms will rent for $1,099 a month.

An Extell spokesman did not respond to West Side Rag’s questions about the development.

“Even though the off-site housing portion of this building is attached physically to the rest of the building, the developer’s argument is that it is separate ‘off-site’ since it does not relate to the rest of the building, and therefore falls under the portion of the Zoning Resolution that requires a separate entrance,” Community Board Seven Chair Mark Diller told the West Side Rag.

The community board has written a letter to the Department of Planning and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development asking the city to include safeguards that “avoid a situation in which the Affordable Housing tenants are relegated to the status of second class citizens.” [West Side Rag]Julie Strickland