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De Blasio, Lhota pay less in property taxes than many

September 30, 2013 01:55PM

As property taxes continue to climb in the city, mayoral hopefuls Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota both pay less for their upscale digs than many homeowners.

De Blasio owns a pair of two-family homes on 11th Street in Park Slope that are valued at more than $1.1 million apiece. He pays $2,900 in taxes for each home. Lhota owns a penthouse duplex at a Pierrepont Street co-op in Brooklyn Heights that asks $1.7 million on average for a unit. He pays $11,000 in taxes.

By comparison, owners of a $600,000 three-family home in Bedford-Stuyvesant, or a $540,000 two-family home in Canarsie, pay about $6,000. A condo in Harlem that sold for $329,000 has a property tax bill of more than $16,000, the New York Daily News reported.

De Blasio and Lhota have included reform of property tax inequities in their campaigns. No specific proposals have been provided. The Democratic nominee “will work to improve procedures at the Department of Finance to ensure that assessments are conducted frequently, fairly and transparently,” his spokesperson said. [NYDN]Mark Maurer

  • Crian Bashman

    Not defending the way nyc re taxes are calculated, but this is nothing more than a hatchet job by the DN. Lots of things affect how these taxes are calculated and most are left out. The tax burden is very low on 1-3 family homes, it is a major part of what makes outerborough NYC attractive to families. If that changes, the max exodus will make Detroit look densely populated.

  • Leonard Steinberg

    It is amazing to me how selective people are when it comes to the topic of FAIR: What is so fair about some people paying 4-5 times the real estate taxes of others for similarly valued property? Is this constitutional? The real estate tax disparity is a DISGRACE. The hypocrisy is inexcusable. Grossly over-taxed properties should be reduced and grossly under-taxed properties should be increased. Its really that simple.

  • ccgh

    Complete nonsense…except only Social Democrats pay less taxes…so I guess I must have been one too, LOL.

  • rogue realtor

    how is anyone surprised that even in a liberal city like ny, taxes and the way they are calculated, favor the wealthy?

  • Cheryl

    Property taxes are based on a lot of things.
    If a house that was purchased for 50k is sold for 2 million, the taxes change based on that properties new value.
    Whenever a house is appraised, the taxes changes based on that new appraisal.
    Whenever a house get major renovations, the taxes go up for that reason too because you have to get a permit that is files with the city and they send someone out to look at the job and see how that improvement has increased the value of the property and raise the taxes based on that too.
    Each house is in a different state of repair and disrepair. Some are 1 family and some are 3 family.
    Let’s don’t start playing the game on how much each person’s property taxes are if you don’t know the whole story.

  • Ryan Mehra

    This article is a joke. Notice there is no author because they should be embarrassed to post this. Lhota lives in a Co-Op, the amount of taxes he pays is determined by how many shares he owns of the Co-Op. He isn’t cheating the system.
    As for the communist De Blasio, who knows what scheme he has for his two family houses in Park Slope.