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Building trades council backs De Blasio for development stance

October 01, 2013 09:57AM

A major trades council that works closely with City Hall and the construction industry is backing Public Advocate Bill de Blasio for mayor. The Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York, which is affiliated with about 100,000 union members, gave its endorsement today, praising what it described as de Blasio’s commitment to responsible development, affordable housing and job creation.

“We are confident that under a de Blasio administration, our members will find an ally in City Hall who understands the importance of investing in responsible development and real career opportunities for all New Yorkers,” council President Gary LaBarbera said in a statement.

De Blasio expressed his appreciation for the council’s support and what its affiliated groups contribute. Union members “help make up the backbone of this city’s economy,”  he said. The candidate has called for a “fundamental reset” in the relationship between the city and its developers, as The Real Deal reported. — Hiten Samtani

  • Amir Korangy

    I guess the building trades want to take the next four years off. DeBlasio has made his stance on development very clear and unless it’s affordable housing he is not interested.

  • marknroses

    how can you even formulate a housing policy when you over tax businesses, handcuff policing tactics, and bend to union tactics thereby raising the cost of living and doing business in New York City to all people, increase the crime rate and scare off its most vital resource – people (hard working people)?

  • Crian Bashman

    It is funny how political idealogy gets in the way of clear thought. deBlasio is a supporter of upzoning and increased density around transit hubs. He supported Atlantic Yards and the Gowanus developments, which both had major NIMBY opposition. Contrary to Lhota, who has stated that he thinks we are over-saturated with rezonings.

    What people fail to realize he can say what he wants about taxes, but it can’t happen without Albany, so it won’t happen. It is a great campaign strategy to win the election, because it is likely that his stance regarding development would turn off most of his supporters.

    This is a quote from deBlasio, “We can’t afford a process rife with delays, subject to knee-jerk NIMBYism and tangled in bureaucracy.”

    If you get upzoned, you’ll have to provide affordable housing on-site. The same policy Bloomberg has.

    As a disclaimer, I intend on voting independent.