The Donald mulls buying Plum Island

October 01, 2013 05:45PM

Not content with his $2.9 billion worth of commercial and residential real estate, more than $74 million in real estate licensing deals and combined interest in Niketown and 40 Wall Street, the Donald is mulling a purchase of Plum Island, Long Island.

The real estate mogul, reality star and would-be educator told the Associated Press that he’d consider buying the spit of land off the east coast of Long Island, which the federal government has announced plans to sell.

Trump told the AP in a telephone interview that he has not yet studied what he might do with the 843-acre island, should it come under his ownership.

Several local officials have announced legislation to block the island’s sale, and the town of Southold recently passed zoning laws that would likely restrict development there. No estimate has yet been made on how much the island might fetch at an auction. [Crain’s via AP]