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Airbnb petitions court to block AG’s subpoena

October 10, 2013 09:09AM

Popular short-term rental website Airbnb has moved to block a subpoena by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, characterizing the investigation as an “unfounded fishing expedition.” Airbnb filed papers in State Supreme Court on Oct. 9 petitioning to keep private its data on the estimated 15,000 users who use the platform to host guests.

A spokesperson for Schneiderman told WNYC that Aibnb’s filing was a stalling tactic, and added that he was confident the courts would “allow the attorney general to enforce the law.”

Airbnb’s deadline to comply with the subpoena — part of an investigation by the attorney general into illegal short-term rentals — was yesterday. [WNYC]  – Hiten Samtani

  • Sh!t My Tenants Say

    Give it up AirBnB, and go back to wherever you came from. The jig is up. You and you Venture Capital partners use our residents as pawns, who would break the law for your “clean hands” profit. They let anyone into our buildings, risking everyone’s
    safety. All the AG wants to do is make sure everyone follows the law, so of
    course you want to stop them. You are now obstructing justice too. Rather than
    just digging your hole deeper, just give it up. Unless, of course, if you are
    in the middle of another round of (self) funding…

    -NYC Landlord

  • Caretaker

    A lot of New Yorkers need airbnb on order to put food in their bellies .. not everyone is a billionaire,, and it helps relieve city services of those who need assistance; while the visitors bring in billions of dollars to venues that the average marriott guest would not visit! It’s a win win situation!?.