DDG’s 100 Franklin design dubbed too “attention-calling”

November 12, 2013 06:10PM

The Landmarks Preservation Commission and a gathering of Tribeca residents slammed DDG and Peter Guthrie’s new design for 100 Franklin Street today, displeased with the “glass spaceship that has crashed on the roof.”

At issue were a facade of recovered brick layered with a glass screen and a mansard roof with a bulkhead the LPC dubbed too “attention-calling.” Several folks pointed out that with brick starting at the building’s floor, the structure appeared to be floating in midair.

“Reused brick is contextual in a pizza store in Queens,” said architect and Tribeca resident Walter Melvin. “It’s not contextual here.”

Another gentleman declared the design capable of igniting an “international scandal.”

DDG representatives have in the past pointed to residents of neighboring 17 White Street as the orchestrators of dissent, saying those folks are worried about losing their lot-line windows. While residents of the building were in attendance, they did not mention said windows. [Curbed]Julie Strickland