Aby Rosen hawks his own art at 530 Park sales office

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Nov.November 13, 2013 03:52 PM

A new multimillion-dollar apartment is nothing without a serious piece of art to adorn the walls.

The necessity hasn’t slipped by Aby Rosen, RFR Holding principal and avid art investor, whose real estate sales office at 530 Park Avenue now doubles as a gallery. Rosen decorated the space with items from his own collection — such as Jean-Michel Basquiat’s collage “Hoax” or George Condo’s “Girl With Night Gown” — all of which are up for sale for the right price.

“Having this gallery is a different way to approach the buyer — it’s a softer approach, almost disarming,” Rosen told the New York Times. “It’s an extension of our aesthetic approach towards real estate.”

Not all of the pieces of artwork are prominently displayed, with some tucked behind desks or coffee tables, but Rosen told the Times he likes it that way: “It’s by-the-way art, it’s ok to put a plant in front,” he said.

If the apartments sell and the art doesn’t move, Rosen isn’t worried. “We might just keep it,” he told the Times. [NYT]Julie Strickland

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