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Jakarta skyscraper would harness the wind

December 15, 2013 05:00PM

A new skyscraper that would vie for the distinction of being the tallest building in Indonesia if built, is also proposing to do something rather unique for a building: harness energy from the wind.

Designed by Chicago-based SOM, the structure, which would be known as the Pertamina Energy Tower, is able to generate about 25 percent of the power necessary to operate the building with the aid of a massive turbine grill at its top, according to Curbed.

It will also be “precisely calibrated for Jakarta’s proximity to the equator, with a curved facade [to] mitigate solar heat gain throughout the year,” according to SOM.

The 1,740-foot building has a scheduled completion date of 2020, and would accommodate up to 20,000 Pertamina employees. [Curbed]Christopher Cameron