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LES co-op sued for allegedly denying residents service animals

January 25, 2014 12:00PM

 The federal government is suing a Lower East Side co-op after the building told residents that they were not allowed to keep their emotional support dogs.

The government filed the lawsuit against the East River Housing Corp. on behalf of three mentally unwell residents of 573 Grand Street. The government claims that the building violated the Fair Housing Act, and discriminated against the tenants by refusing to accommodate their disabilities.

The co-op has a no-pet clause, which it used to try and evict the tenants and their service animals, according to the Villager. The lawsuit, which is now pending, is seeking relief from violations of the Fair Housing Act, monetary damages, and a civil penalty against East River Housing Corp. [The Villager]Christopher Cameron

  • G Christopher

    They should ban douched out co-op owners who for some reason think they are better than others – which we all know is not the case – nothing more than common, nouveau, trash with a little piece of paper that they feel gives them power…sorry, it just isn’t so.

  • Carnegie

    The problem is that certain people with a sense of entitlement are deliberately looking to get around “no pet” by laws by giving thier pets “service animal” status.
    Apparently it is not that difficult to do, especially for people with connections.

    This could be bad for responsible pet owners, people with alergies and especially people with actual disabilities if we are going to have yet more laws.

    I have seen more and more people bringing their pets into Duane Reade and grocery stores, employees and managers won’t do much about it.

  • John Long

    I see them everywhere with their service dog coats. We all know 90% of service animals are not necessary for the owner, I saw one on a plane. But the way the law reads you can not even question the owner of the dog, so like every other law that has good intention but ends up screwing things up just take it.