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Housing panel chair Williams tried to boot his own tenants

January 27, 2014 11:40AM

Brooklyn Democrat Jumaane Williams, the newly anointed chair of the City Council Housing Committee, once tried to toss out two of his own tenants from his property in Canarsie.

In October 2010, Williams started eviction proceeds against a couple renting a two-story residence he owns at 1392 East 98th Street. At the time, the couple owed about $1,500 in unpaid rent. In December of that year, Williams filed suit in Brooklyn Housing Court seeking “final judgment of eviction,” after the couple apparently failed to make the required payments under a November settlement agreement.

The case was eventually settled in February 2011, according to the New York Post, with the tenants agreeing to dish out $4,575. Williams, who has previously served as executive director of tenant advocacy group New York State Tenants & Neighbors, defended his actions to the newspaper, saying that he made the move as a last resort and that he would “never try to evict a tenant off of one month’s rent.” [NYP]  – Hiten Samtani

  • not embarassed as a landlord

    You know, if you don’t pay for something, you tend not to keep whatever it was you didn’t pay for – be it your car, your Big Mac, whatever.

    It’s so weird that not paying rent owed to the landlord isn’t such a terrible thing when the government definitely frowns on the landlords not paying their obligations. So why does the buck always stop at the landlord’s door and there is never any sympathy for a landlord who has held up their side of the bargain? What if anyone who was labeled a “tenant’ nevermind if they have trust funds and investment property had the public approval to never pay rent to someone who had the temerity to rent to a tenant who just didn’t feel like paying their slumlord? Party Time in the U.S.A., right?

    We had nonpayment issues in two buildings where the tenants (Chinese and Hispanic) wanted to be sued so they could get public assistance or frankly, needed to be sued. They were the nicest they could be to my mother who otherwise would have been in shock during these proceedings so tenants are not evil if they don’t, can’t or won’t pay their rent. It is absolutely necessary that tenants in this city understand that the chair of the Housing council is compassionate but he does not need to be apologetic if he himself has conducted himself with integrity.

    Instead of feeling compelled to pander to an allegedly self-interested amoral voting bloc of renters, just uphold the the law. How about that? He’s already got the job and the rest of New York would not mind a straight shooter in the position.

    We must sound so embarassing to out-of-towners who don’t have this compromised enforcement of the rules. The behavior of the rent regulated tenants are hard to describe to people who actually were raised with standards. I mean do people really put on their college application essays how they FIXED their slumlord by skirting the truth, rallying cronies, smeared feces all over a bathroom, called Con Ed about a gas leak or bounced several checks in a row? The rest of the country is concerned with at least the appearance of having integrity whilst New York renters are being sabotaged into sounding like deadbeats. We’re New Yorkers. We’re supposed to be the ones who endure not the ones who whinge more than the rest of the country.


    classic dems….

  • Name

    Hypocrisy at its best

  • Scottienyc

    tenant fails to pay rent. Tenant enters into settlement agreement with landlord agreeing to pay rent. Tenant still fails to pay rent. Landlord exercises his legal right to evict the tenant. What’s wrong with that? Nothing to see here, move along.