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Trump says he’ll run for NY governor — if there’s no primary

At Republican fundraiser, the real estate magnate promises to spend 'whatever it takes' to win governor's race
February 13, 2014 02:05PM

If there’s no Republican primary, the Donald says he will run for governor.

In his latest round of flirting with a possible gubernatorial bid, Donald Trump told a gathering of 300 Republicans at his Grand Hyatt Hotel Wednesday night that he would be a can’t miss candidate to defeat the incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo. But there was a catch, he said: he will only run if the Republican Party is united behind him.

“The last thing you need is a primary where two people go beat the hell out of each other and then come limping into an election against someone that should absolutely be beaten,” Trump told the crowd. “If that were the case, I would run and I believe I would win.”

Trump made fun of Cuomo’s $33 million campaign, noting that he would spend “whatever it takes” to win, should he opt to run.

“Fortunately for me, that’s not a lot of money,” he quipped.

The Donald’s current approval ratings are low and no insiders think he will actually run, according to the New York Daily News. Still, the dinner drummed up $60,000 in funds for the Manhattan Republican Party.

Trump has repeatedly hinted at running for governor of New York since toying with, but deciding against, a presidential bid in 2012. [NYDN]Julie Strickland

  • Common Sense

    it’s crazy to think that i’d ever vote for this media whore – but under the current circumstances he seems to be the lesser of two evils (and by a long shot)

    • chelseaman1

      Really? The lesser of two evils? What are you smoking?

  • Steve

    I think “since a failed presidential bid in 2012” is funny. Considering he never ran for president in 2012.

  • HughGass

    he must have something big to promote! Trump Fried Chicken?

  • DeeArr81

    Is his hair also running?

    • Abundance

      HAAAAAAAAA!!! That was excellent!!


    What an idiot! “I’ll run as long as I have no competition”! That’s the best they have???? Cuomo will win in the biggest landslide ever. Do it! Do it!!!!

  • Victor

    People love to attack Mr. Trump. He has a thick skin and not afraid to be honest instead of talking in a douchy way. These haters wish they had just one of his many many successes but these losers only highlight failures. y the most conservative estimates he is worth billions. We should all b fortunate have his “failures”.

  • Rob S.

    And he’ll run for President if there’s no election.

  • Victor W

    Someone has to run for the right reasons. Trump, unfortunately doesn’t have those right reasons.
    In this era of politics, we need people in politics who look on “What’s in it for us,” rather than “My way or the highway.”

  • nnnnnnn

    honestly, I cant see him in any government position. Yes many of those who enter politics carry a large ego, but a megalomaniac is inappropriate for any office. We the people are interested in those that actually state they run for the people…. Its a rather absurd choice, and for the life of me, could never come close to getting elected.